A Practical Checklist

Keep in an ‘evidence’ file

Subject leaders’ roles and responsibilities

Up to date RE policy

SMSC policy

Information about SACRE and the locally agreed syllabus

RE curriculum overview – Medium- and Long-term planning for RE

School action/improvement plan

Budget information

Evidence of monitoring and support

Assessment information –embracing national developments

Evidence of any staff training

List of visits/visitors

For church schools: evidence for SIAMS/ Diocesan inspection

Lead and nurture your team

Design a survey to see where help is needed and following it up through a team action plan

Develop and model teaching and learning activities as a team, such as;

  • Starter activities
  • Using images and artefacts
  • Setting enquiry questions
  • Techniques to encourage collaboration
  • Techniques to encourage conversation and dialogue
  • How to make the most of trips and speakers

Take a team trip to a local place of worship, museum, gallery or even cinema or theatre

Introduce briefings at team meetings, such as;

  • Up to date policy information relating to RE
  • Different styles and aims of teaching RE
  • Explore a controversial issue in order to understand, and create teaching resources as a team

Discuss the identity of the department. Take any chance to showcase your identity; open days, assemblies, posters and notice boards, whole school events, etc.

Questions to ask yourself…

How is your RE subject knowledge?

What are the gaps in your knowledge?

Do you have a copy of your locally agreed syllabus?

What is expected of you as subject leader?

Will you have designated time on the timetable to deliver RE?

Will you have designated leader time to lead RE?

Do you have an RE budget? If so what is it?

When does it have to be spent by? Can it be carried over?

Do you have a list of your resources? A place to store them?

Do you have the resources you need to teach the syllabus?

Where can you get good resources inexpensively?

Do you have contacts with local faith communities?

How can you develop these contacts?

Do you have a list of visitors to schools?

Are you following a bought scheme or have you been /are you developing your own?

Do you feel confident approaching the rest of your staff?

How do you feel about assessment?

Do you have an RE policy? When was it last reviewed?

What will you be expected to show to Ofsted?

What will you expected to show to SIAMS/ Diocesan inspectors if in a church school?




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