We are currently developing this new page focusing on curriculum. In the meantime please use the information below on the new Ofsted Framework and a resource on RE in a broad and balanced curriculum: A practical tool.

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New Ofsted Framework

Significant changes in the way schools will be inspected are found in Ofsted’s 2019 School Inspection Handbook (Ofsted, May 2019, No. 190017).

All subjects will be required to think about the purpose of learning, or the intent of the curriculum. In considering the new criteria and what it will mean for RE in your school, this would be an excellent opportunity to discuss with your team about the purpose of RE.

Inspectors will consider how well teachers and students can explain why they are studying RE. The curriculum should reflect a systematic development of knowledge and skills that support the overall purpose for learning in RE.

Read RE in a broad and balanced curriculum: A practical tool below…