2021 AULRE special edition of the Journal of Religious Education

Culham St Gabriel’s is delighted to let you all know that a special edition of the JRE has been published in partnership with AULRE.

You can find hyperlinks for each article which makes them really easy to read.  Some of the links may only last for a few weeks, so get downloading now!


Guest Editors’ Introduction: AULRE 2021: Researching RE: changing times for Religious Education

Stephen J McKinney & Sean Whittle (Open Access)


Worldviews and diversity: freedom of expression and teaching about the mosque

Lynn Revell & Kate Christopher


A critical reflection on the Commission on Religious Education’s proposed National Entitlement to Religion and Worldviews in England and Wales

Emma Salter (Open Access)


Religion and worldviews in 1944 and 2021: a sociological analysis of religious education in two sociohistorical contexts

Keith Sharpe


Religious education syllabus development and the need for education theory

Patricia Hannam


Some pupils should know better (because there is better knowledge than opinion). Interim findings from an empirical study of pupils’ and teachers’ understandings of knowledge and big questions in Religious Education

Alexis Stones & Jo Fraser-Pearce (Open Access)


Enabling teachers to find their voices as leaders in the religion and worldviews community

Kathryn Wright, Justine Ball, Claire Clinton, Fiona Moss, Ed Pawson, Sean Whittle


Synoptic vision: some research priorities for RE

Brian Gates


Questions open to infinity and the legitimacy of wonder in university curricula

Robert Bowie & Ralph Norman


Why is it time to stop referring to ‘Catholic Religious Education’?

Sean Whittle


Mary, woman of faith and displaced person: insights for Catholic schools

Stephen McKinney (Open Access)


Beyond belief? Pre-service teachers’ perspectives on teaching RE in Ireland

Patricia Kieran & Aiveen Mullally


Inclusive second level Religious Education in Ireland today: what do teachers say?

Amalee Meehan & Derek A Laffan (Open Access)


Learnings from the Adult Religious Education and Faith Development (AREFD) project for initial teacher education of religious educators

Bernadette Sweetman (Open Access)