Supporting secondary beginner teachers and teacher educators (University of Exeter Resource)

Working With ‘Big Ideas About’ – a curriculum package and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) resource, intended for use by teacher educators, teachers and teacher trainees involved in the delivery and development of Religious Education (RE) in secondary schools. The aim of this handbook is to offer you a range of theoretical and practical resources for exploring – together with us – a multi-disciplinary/multi-methodological approach to the study of religion(s) and worldview(s), specifically designed to encourage students to think about the significance of different methods of inquiry in RE and to reflect on the role of different perspectives or ‘positionalities’ from which the study of religion(s) and worldview(s) can be approached.

The handbook builds upon the ‘RE-searchers’ approach to Religious Education, developed at the University of Exeter for use in primary schools (Freathy, G. et al. 2015; Freathy, R. et al. 2017) and the textbook Who Is Jesus? Supplementary Materials for Religious Education in the Upper Secondary School (Freathy et al. 2018), also developed at Exeter.

Download the handbook here