Opening up conversations about religion and worldviews

We are delighted to be launching a new summer 2020 blog series called ‘Opening up conversations about religion and worldviews’. This blog series is being run in collaboration with the RE Policy Unit, a partnership between NATRE, the RE Council and RE Today. It will include contributions from a wide range of teachers, those working in initial teacher education and researchers in this field.

A pdf of the entire series with a foreword and epilogue by Professor Trevor Cooling, Chair of the RE Council of England and Wales is available to download at the bottom of the page.

Individual blogs in the series are:

The Commission on RE – A retrospective,  Dr Joyce Miller

How I… responded to an academic paper on Worldviews and Big Ideas, Adam Robertson

What are worldviews? How should I teach about them? How is RE changing?, Dr Kevin O’Grady

What has the idea of ‘worldview’ contributed to my curriculum thinking? Ben Wood

Worldviews from a Primary perspective: self-detectives, Ruth Flanagan FHEA

Our journey to understanding ‘worldviews’ in school, Katie Freeman

A worldviews approach doesn’t dilute RE, it gives the subject context and relevance, Ed Pawson

Why Religion & Worldviews won’t dilute my passion for rigorous Religious Studies, Dominic Kidney

Worldview Education, hermeneutics and teaching pupils how to know, not just what to know, Professor Bob Bowie

An Interesting View of Worldviews, Paul Smalley

Lesser asked questions for Religion and Worldviews (and their relationship with curriculum), Professor Bob Bowie

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