Opening up conversations about religion and worldviews

We are delighted to be launching a new summer blog series called ‘Opening up conversations about religion and worldviews’. This blog series is being run in collaboration with the RE Policy Unit, a partnership between NATRE, the RE Council and RE Today. It will include contributions from a wide range of teachers, those working in initial teacher education and researchers in this field.

See all the blogs in the series so far:

An Interesting View of Worldviews, Paul Smalley

Worldview Education, hermeneutics and teaching pupils how to know, not just what to know, Professor Bob Bowie

Why Religion & Worldviews won’t dilute my passion for rigorous Religious Studies, Dominic Kidney

A worldviews approach doesn’t dilute RE, it gives the subject context and relevance, Ed Pawson

Our journey to understanding ‘worldviews’ in school, Katie Freeman

Worldviews from a Primary perspective: self-detectives, Ruth Flanagan FHEA

What has the idea of ‘worldview’ contributed to my curriculum thinking? Ben Wood

What are worldviews? How should I teach about them? How is RE changing?, Dr Kevin O’Grady

How I… responded to an academic paper on Worldviews and Big Ideas, Adam Robertson

The Commission on RE – A retrospective,  Dr Joyce Miller

More will be added over the coming weeks so do check back.