Working with academic researchers & teachers on religion and worldviews projects

October 2022

Jennifer Jenkins

In this video Jennifer Jenkins talks about her recent project working with academic researches and teachers to look at Religion and Worldviews. In particular Christian worldviews in relation to advocacy. As you watch the video here are some questions to think about:

  • How might you use these materials in your own setting as part of your existing RE Curriculum or when planning for a new one?
  • Which other social justice topics could be explored using this framework?
  • Are there other topics that would benefit from cross-phase working with academics and researchers from higher education?
  • How can we best distil the knowledge, ideas and expertise of academics and researchers in ways that RE teachers, subject leaders and non-specialists can easily digest and utilise for learning in the classroom?

A copy of the slides used in the presentation can be downloaded below:

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