Telling My Worldview Story

The aim behind this series is to encourage people to share their own worldview story. The series recognises that our own worldview journey is personal and will be shaped by our own individual background, family, and cultural influences.

Our ability to understand and respect stories like these can lead to a greater understanding of how people arrive at their current beliefs and practices, as well as showing how our worldviews can change over time. The pieces add layers of understanding about what people believe and how they live their lives. They also help us to recognise and reflect on our own personal knowledge.

This new series complements an animation entitled ‘Nobody Stands Nowhere’ produced by the Theos Think Tank which aims to unpack the idea of worldview and invites the viewer to consider how their own unique view of the world might co–exist with other, sometimes quite different, vantage points held by those around them.

Nobody Stands Nowhere

Resources to support this film are available here

Worldview Stories

We have three worldview stories written by Bob, Zameer and Debbie. They are all available to download below.

Teachers may want to show the animation and use the three examples as a way of introducing the idea of worldview.

We would like to expand this series to include as many diverse voices as possible, if you are interested in writing your own personal worldview story so far, please email us at for details.

Telling My Story Debbie


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Telling My Story Zameer


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Telling my story Bob


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To read the report which inspired the animation, and these worldview story resources please visit

Resources to accompany the film Nobody Stands Nowhere



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Click on the above images to download the stills from the animation as pdf files.

An 'In Conversation' event with the animator behind Nobody Stands Nowhere

Recorded on 12th May 2021