Basic Beliefs

Christianity is a monotheistic religion and belongs to the family of religions often referred to as the Abrahamic, or those deriving from the near Middle Eastern countries of Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. It differs from both Judaism and Islam in the manner in which the nature of God has been revealed to humankind. Judaism believes that it is through the Torah, as revealed through Moses and the prophets, that the nature of God and human responsibility is shown. Islam accepts Allah’s revelation to Muhammad (pbuh) in the Qur’an. The mediator of revelation in Christianity however, is Jesus Christ who, as Son of God, is one with God the Father and reveals the truth God accordingly. In the Indian traditions, although Hinduism appears polytheistic in practice, it is essentially a belief in one god manifested through many attributes. The Hindu belief in the avatar, or Godhead becoming human, enables direct mediation of revelation to happen. Sikhism again strongly adheres to belief in a personal God.

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