Moral Exemplars

Commitment to the Christian belief in Jesus as the template for living a modern life entails responsibility to other people. The many stories in the gospels of Jesus assisting people who were under-privileged, sick, distressed or outcast, illustrate that modern Christians must respond to these same needs. Society generally and the world specifically, is still stricken with these problems. Some Christians might say the world is sinful and only through the action of Christian work will this be healed. By bringing about a state unconditional love is the ruling principle, will the needs of all be catered for.

Although this is an ideal to which many Christians aspire, others have worked practically to make this a reality. Christians such as Martin Luther King Jr., Blessed Mother Teresa and Father Kolbe all tried to live their lives according to the Golden Rule. Other examples range from John Howard the prison reformer, Abraham Lincoln president of the United States of America and a committed abolitionist, to Lord Shaftesbury’s role in improving the working conditions of poor children in the nineteenth century, Father Damien who helped lepers in the South Seas and Dr Barnardo who established homes for orphaned children. Present day reformers include Christian groups who assist sufferers of HIV / AIDS, those with alcohol and drug related problems, children and adults with mental health issues and working to provide hospice care.

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