The Bible tells a story for Christians that discloses the true nature of God and accordingly Jesus Christ, alongside the way in which God’s creation should behave in the world. Beginning with a creation story in the Book of Genesis that reflects the inception of a relationship between humans and God, yet culminating in the heavenly vision of the Revelation of St John in the New Testament, that is available for those who have gained reward through participation in the values of the Kingdom. For Christians, the revelations given through Jesus Christ as God incarnate, means that his teachings are the absolute authority. It is considered by many that the limitations inherent in Jesus’ human nature must be taken into account, but these teachings have special authority. The Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, has passed on these teachings through tradition, and interpreted them accordingly so that authority also lies in this tradition. For Roman Catholics, such authority of the Church lies with the Pope. For Protestants, preferable authority lies with the Bible guided by individual conscience, directed through the offices of church leaders such as bishops, priests and ministers.

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