Judaism is one of the three Abrahamic faiths deriving from the near middle east about four thousand years ago. Judaism traces its roots to Abraham and its laws to Moses. It is a worldwide religion with over 15 million adherents.

The resources contained in the list of subjects to the right are a basic introduction to the facts and beliefs of Judaism. They are a portal or window into the world of Judaism and by following the websites and bibliographies, an enquirer may discover more and more about this faith.

The six units are based on the QCA non-statutory framework for Religious Education and the Areas of Enquiry. They provide not only a comprehensive guide to the factual and belief structures of Judaism but also address the issues that Judaism encounters as it engages with the 21st century.

This section was written by Jon Mayled.

After teaching Religious Studies in London as Head of Department for many years Jon has been involved in public examinations as an examiner since 1984. He has held Chief Examiner posts for one of the major awarding bodies at ELC, GCSE and A level and was a consultant for QCA. He has extensive experience as an INSET leader and speaker at conferences. Jon has written more than a hundred Religious Studies texts as well as articles, video scripts and ICT materials.

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