We have created these pages specifically to support teachers and pupils during the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim is to provide you with ideas to support pupils learning from home. These pages will be regularly updated.

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We have divided the resources into primary and secondary although some will apply to both.

We hope these help you at this difficult and uncertain time.

Kathryn Wright

CEO, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust




There are schemes of learning and ‘starter’ activities on RE:ONLINE that you can use to support home learning plans for secondary pupils. We are also aware of some teachers who are supporting other parents with home learning and they may want to share these ideas.

Here are some examples:

Key Stage Three: A Sikh Worldview There are additional resources to support this scheme of learning.

Key Stage Four: Amazing Grace – The Story of John Newton A wide collection of support and resources to support this film.

Key Stage Five: Westminster Faith Debates – Religious Identity in Superdiverse Societies This is an example but there are many more films to watch here with discussion questions suitable for Key Stage 4 and 5. 

Subject Knowledge

The subject knowledge section of RE:ONLINE could be used by pupils to support their subject knowledge especially for revision or as a research project. You may want to set questions, or invite pupils to create their own questions and share with friends via email or social media. Here is a link to a Christian worldview example:

There are also sections on A level themes and topics, as well as a wide range of different religious and non-religious worldviews.

Festivals Calendar

The festivals calendar can be found here.We have created a document with ideas about how to use this. Download the document as a pdf here

My Future My Career My RE

We have created a document with ideas about how to use My Future My Career My RE. Download the document as pdf here


We are developing some resources using the materials found on the ResearchforRE website:

Key Stage 3 at-home study-sets

What does it mean to be Jewish today? What does it mean to be religious today, or to have a non-religious worldview today? 3-4 hours

How can sacred texts inspire action and what does it mean to work without reward? Gandhi and the Gita 6-8 hours

Key Stage 4 at-home study-sets

Islamic practices and morals – working towards a balanced view 4-6 hours

Who was The Good Samaritan? What was his religion, and does it still exist? 2-4 hours

How can sacred texts inspire action and what does it mean to work without reward? Gandhi and the Gita 6-8 hours

Key Stage 5 at-home study-sets

God can’t have qualities which are impossible to have 4-6 hours

An investigation into the problem of evil and the free-will defence 4-6 hours

True Tube

Many secondary teachers will already be familiar with this already. There are a wealth of high quality films that can be used with pupils. Their website can be found here

RE Definitions and Shap

The RE Definitions website allows pupils to look up words and find out about them. The website does currently have a few broken links which our developers are working on so do check before sharing. This tool is particularly helpful for revision at Key Stage 4.

The Shap Calendar could be used in a similar way.

Teach:RE Courses

When things settle down, you may want to take the opportunity to develop your own subject knowledge and expertise during this time. We would value hearing from teachers about what their CPD priorities might be over the coming 6-12 months so we can ensure what we offer is of most benefit. Email


We are also considering some ‘virtual learning and support’ opportunities and will keep you updated on these.


Also check out for further support and resources.