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Is the struggle for equality a spiritual or practical matter? Exploring Sikh and Christian ethics in the world today. KS2 KS3

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We are excited to bring you this brand new section of the website. Research for RE and more comes to RE:ONLINE


What does it mean to lead Religion and Worldviews in your school, in your local area, regionally or nationally?


Supporting subject leaders understanding of Religion and Worldviews in a broad and balanced curriculum

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Culham St Gabriel's

For grants and funding and events for Religion and Worldviews (RE) professionals



Introducing worldviews as part of studying religion and belief

Dawn Cox on how her department have introduced year 7 to worldviews using lenses.


2021 AULRE special edition of the Journal of Religious Education

Researching RE: changing times for Religious Education


Conversation, collaboration and connections

Josh Cass explores the power of discussing religion & worldviews with friends


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