Resource of the Month

May 2022

RE Quality Mark

This term we focus on all things RE Quality Mark (REQM).  To begin your REQM journey have a look at the following resources and see how you might use them in your school setting:

  1. The school evidence form (which includes the award criteria) and the pupil questionnaires – these are both on You can adapt the questionnaires and how they are completed to suit your pupils (age range and ability) as long as you cover the questions.  For the evidence form, you’ll need conversations across the school, and especially with senior leaders.
  2. The school application form – BUT please don’t submit this until you are ready to start the conversations with your allocated assessor.  The application form generates an invoice for your school – someone needs to decide where the funding is coming from….

Send any questions to  We can put you in touch with schools who have the award already, and some volunteer assessors who are happy to guide your school in its REQM preparation.

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