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Autumn 2023 Lived Religion and Worldview

Lived Religion and Worldview

Christian Ethics of Farmed Animals Welfare (CEFAW) December 2023

Empowering Voices November 2023

Discovering Muslims in Britain October 2023

GCSE Religious Studies Shi’a Islam: Beliefs and Practices September 2023

Summer 2023 Religion and Worldviews Community

Religion and Worldviews Community

What do people do with Culham St Gabriel’s grants? July 2023

A view on the world June 2023

Career Journey Map May 2023

Spring 2023 Subject Knowledge

Subject Knowledge

British Religion in Numbers in the Classroom April 2023

Subject Knowledge for Teachers – The RE Podcast March 2023

Subject Knowledge for Teachers – Apocalyptic and Millenarian Thinking February 2023

Subject Knowledge for Teachers – Islam January 2023

Autumn 2022 Celebrating Primary Religion and Worldviews

Celebrating Primary Religion and Worldviews

Using sacred texts in the classroom December 2022

Faith in the Town November 2022

The value in an education in Religion and Worldviews October 2022

Developing a multidisciplinary curriculum through the use of knowledge organisers September 2022

Summer 2022 REQM

Religious Education Quality Mark

REQM – Teaching and Learning Strands July/August 2022

REQM – Leading and Curriculum Strands June 2022

RE Quality Mark May 2022

Spring 2022 Ways of Knowing

Ways of Knowing

The Visual Commentary on Scripture: (Re)discover the Bible in Conversation with Art April 2022

Abrahamic Commentary to support the teaching of RSE March 2022

Practical introduction to hermeneutics February 2022

Religion, Worldviews and the Media January 2022

Autumn 2021 Curriculum


Is the struggle for equality a spiritual or practical matter? December 2021

Theologies of reading November 2021

Four learning sessions on Muhammad Ali (KS2-4) October 2021

Being ambitious; a religion and worldviews curriculum for all September 2021