In Conversation

Our ‘In Conversation’ events began as a series of free virtual seminars bringing researchers and teachers together through conversation on topics linked to RExChange 2020. In each session the researcher gives a very brief summary of a key piece of research and the host invite participants to ask questions, provide feedback and comment. The ongoing themes connect to a range of research topics of interest to all those working in the field of Religion and Worldviews.

Spring 2022 Series: The intersection between religion, worldviews, society and culture.

Autumn 2021 Series: Religion, worldviews and the public square

Summer 2021 Series: The lived reality of the religion and worldviews landscape – sociological perspectives

Spring 2021 Series: Religion and Worldviews

Autumn 2020 Series: RExChange Themes, in particular researcher-teacher engagement and interaction.

You can find out about and book for future events here

You can listen to previous events below:

Spring 2022 Series

Recorded on 12th January 2022 Alana discusses religion during the pandemic with Kathryn Wright. It includes lots of practical applications for Religion and Worldviews / RE

Autumn 2021 Series

Recorded on 1st December Tamanda shares some insights on her research. she offers a decolonial, auto-ethnographic account of the dynamics of religion and belief/worldviews and their intersections with race within the ‘modern’, ‘secular’ British workplace.

Recorded on 17th November Adam shares some of the thinking behind his book of the same title. The book presents a crisis of religion and belief literacy to which education at every level is challenged to respond. Adam proposes a clear pathway for engaging well with religion and belief diversity in public and shared settings.

Recorded on 3rd November 2021. Ruth Peacock, Director of the Religion and Media Centre chats to Kate Christopher. Ruth shares some insights including the ways in which religion and worldviews are presented in the media.

Recorded on 29th September 2021. Dr Sarah Harvey and Dr Kathryn Wright share newly published research and other recent findings about how the general public including the media, parents and employees perceive the value and importance of an education in religion and worldviews.

Summer 2021 Series

Recorded on 26th May 2021. Alex Brown talks to Dr Kate Christopher on Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum.

Alex has written and spoken extensively around this theme.  There are many ways of exploring this important issue and we encourage you to look at some of the links provided by Alex as well as investigating other resources.

  1. An INSET day – George Floyd and Lockdown: Navigating through the complexities of race relations
  2. What Has the Murder of George Floyd Revealed About the Internal and External Nature of White Supremacy? | Conversations With… -What the murder of George Floyd revealed about the internal and external nature of White Supremacy
  3. Pain and Womanhood — Magical Women -Womenhood and pain (poem and a collaboration with various artists who responded to Alex’s words with artwork)
  4. Reflections on Black Suffering, Pain and Re-imagining Freedom | Conversations With… -Reflections on black suffering, pain and reimagining freedom
  5. A Letter of Urgency – Black Feminist Collective – A LETTER OF URGENCY
  6. Is Britain still racist? ( -Is Britain still Racist?
  7. Black Lives Matter: Reflections with Alexandra Brown (interfaith conversation with a good friend who is also an Imam)

The following documents have been made available by Alex:

Decolonial and Anti-Racist Resource List


169.8 KB

Download resource

Writing towards an Anti-Racist RE curriculum


221.1 KB

Download resource

Decolonising the Curriculum


742.6 KB

Download resource

Recorded on 12th May 2021. This event features a conversation with Emily Downe and Jason Ramasami on how animation and illustration can be used as powerful tools for classroom learning.

Recorded on 28th April 2021. An audio recording. Professor Denise Cush talks to Dr Kevin O'Grady. Denise and a colleague recently reimagined the Hindu subject knowledge essay for RE:ONLINE. Denise shares some of the research that underpins this essay, as well as discussing the positioning of her work and the methodologies employed.

Recorded on 14th April 2021. An audio recording. Professor Linda Woodhead talk to Ben Wood.

Spring 2021

Recorded on 17th March 2021. An audio recording. Professor Lynn Revell and Dr Kate Christopher talk to Dr Kevin O'Grady. You can find out about Lynn and Kate’s work here

Recorded on 3rd March 2021. An audio recording. Stephen Pett talks to Dawn Cox about his project. You can find out more about this project here

Recorded on 10th February 2021. An audio recording. Dr Lois Lee talks to Ben Wood about her research on non-religious worldviews and the Understanding Unbelief project.

Recorded on 20th January 2021. An audio recording. Celine Benoit, Tim Hutchings and Rachael Shillitoe in conversation with Kevin O'Grady. Their Worldview Literature Review can be found here

Recorded on 13th January 2021. An audio recording. Emeritus Professor Trevor Cooling in conversation about the recently published report ‘Worldviews in Religious Education’ with Kate Christopher. You can read the report here

Autumn 2020 Series

Recorded on 9th December 2020 Katie Freeman talks to Martha Shaw. This is an audio recording. You can watch the video Martha shows during the conversation at here

Recorded on 25th November 2020 Adam Robertson talks to Emma Salter.

Recorded on 11th November 2020 Emma Salter talks to Jo Pearce and Alexis Stones.

Recorded on October 28th 2020, Kate Christopher talks to Abi Maguire.

Recorded on October 14th 2020, Kevin O'Grady talks to Vivienne Baumfield.