In Conversation

Our ‘In Conversation’ events began as a series of free virtual seminars bringing researchers and teachers together through conversation on topics linked to RExChange 2020. In each session the researcher gives a very brief summary of a key piece of research and the host invite participants to ask questions, provide feedback and comment. The ongoing themes connect to a range of research topics of interest to all those working in the field of Religion and Worldviews.

Our In Conversation series is taking little break. You can catch up or rewatch any of our previous seminars below:

Spring 2023 Series

Recorded on 19th June 2023 An extended event featuring primary practitioners from our master’s community of practice, Kevin O’Grady and Justine Ball will be in conversation with: Nadia Nadeem (Christian ethics, farming and animal welfare) Ian Coles (Using direct discussion and encounter in primary RE) and Killian Barrett (Catholic values and serving the poor through the primary curriculum and RE).

Recorded on 15th May 2023 Josh Cass chats to Dr Nayla Tabbara and Mayssam Imad of the Adyan Foundation about approaches to Religious Education and Inclusive Citizenship Education.

Recorded on 20th March 2023 How did people neutralize religious contradictions in the past? Can we learn from those experiences? These are the questions that were central to a large-scale international research project RETOPEA. It investigated the different ways in which religious coexistence is thought of in different environments and how religious peace treaties have been established in the past.

Resources from RETOPEA!

Watch the video shown at the event: Modern Society Through the Eyes of Roger Williams
Read the list of resources from RETOPEA!

Recorded on 16th January 2023 Joe Miller, in conversation with Dr Kathryn Wright. Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) encourages remembrance in a world scarred by genocide. Holocaust Memorial Day remembers the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, alongside millions of other people killed under Nazi persecution of other groups and in genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. In this recording we learn more about the work of the Trust and the resources they provide for a range of education settings.

Autumn 2022 Series

Recorded on 19th December 2022 Kevin, in conversation with Fay Lowe, shares some of the key thinking behind his recently published book. He explores opportunities, challenges and complexities of a transition from religious education in England and beyond. A reading list can be found here

Recorded on 21st November 2022 What do we mean by understanding?! Trevor and Kate agree on many things, but they are not sure they agree on the nature of understanding!

Recorded on 17th October 2022. How an academic research project on the Christian ethics of farmed animal welfare is working with a group of teachers and a pilot group of schools to develop new learning resources appropriate for different key stages.

Spring 2022 Series

Teaching Inclusive Judaism The Jewish Museum London Team, 23rd March 2022

An approach to decolonising teaching about Jesus in primary schools Justine Ball, 8th March 2022

Mapping Sacredness Dr Ana Souto, 9th February 2022

Ana has made the following sacred places questionnaire available:

Sacred Questionnaire


3.8 MB

Download resource

How is religion changing in the digital age? Assistant Professor Tim Hutchings and Dr Jasjit Singh. 26th January 2022

Here are two articles Jasjit refers to:

(2014). Sikh-ing online: the role of the Internet in the religious lives of young British Sikhs. Contemporary South Asia: Vol. 22, BASAS Annual Conference, April 3rd-5th 2013, University of Leeds, pp. 82-97.

(2018). Lost in translation? The emergence of the digital Guru Granth Sahib. Sikh Formations: Vol. 14, Living and Making Sikhi in the Diaspora: The Millennial Generation Comes of Age, pp. 339-351.

Religion during the pandemic: What changed and what does it mean? Professor Alana Vincent, 12th January 2022

Autumn 2021 Series

Religion and Belief in the UK Workplace Tamanda Walker, 1st December 2021

Religion and Belief Literacy – reconnecting a chain of learning Professor Adam Dinham, 17th November 2021

Religion, worldviews and the media Ruth Peacock, 3rd November 2021

Public perception, religion and worldviews Dr Sarah Harvey and Dr Kathryn Wright, 29th September 2021

Summer 2021 Series

Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum Alex Brown, 26th May 2021

Alex has written and spoken extensively around this theme.  There are many ways of exploring this important issue and we encourage you to look at some of the links provided by Alex as well as investigating other resources.

  1. An INSET day – George Floyd and Lockdown: Navigating through the complexities of race relations
  2. What Has the Murder of George Floyd Revealed About the Internal and External Nature of White Supremacy? | Conversations With… -What the murder of George Floyd revealed about the internal and external nature of White Supremacy
  3. Pain and Womanhood — Magical Women -Womenhood and pain (poem and a collaboration with various artists who responded to Alex’s words with artwork)
  4. Reflections on Black Suffering, Pain and Re-imagining Freedom | Conversations With… -Reflections on black suffering, pain and reimagining freedom
  5. A Letter of Urgency – Black Feminist Collective – A LETTER OF URGENCY
  6. Is Britain still racist? ( -Is Britain still Racist?
  7. Black Lives Matter: Reflections with Alexandra Brown (interfaith conversation with a good friend who is also an Imam)

The following documents have been made available by Alex:

Decolonial and Anti-Racist Resource List


169.8 KB

Download resource

Writing towards an Anti-Racist RE curriculum


221.1 KB

Download resource

Decolonising the Curriculum


742.6 KB

Download resource

Visual communication in a digital age Emily Downe and Jason Ramasami, 12th May 2021

Hindu worldview traditions Professor Denise Cush, 28th April 2021

The rise of values and their role in schools, society and personal identity Professor Linda Woodhead, 14th April 2021

Spring 2021 Series

Teaching Islam as a Worldview Professor Lynn Revell and Dr Kate Christopher, 17th March 2021

You can find out about Lynn and Kate’s work here

Challenging knowledge in RE: Big questions, different perspectives Stephen Pett, 3rd March 2021

You can find out more about this project here

Non-religious Worldviews Dr Lois Lee, 10th February 2021

Worldviews: A multidisciplinary report Celine Benoit, Tim Hutchings and Rachael Shillitoe, 20th January 2021

Worldviews in Religious Education Emeritus Professor Trevor Cooling, 13th January 2021

Autumn 2020 Series

Innovation through co-production Martha Shaw, 9th December 2020

You can watch the video Martha shows during the conversation at here

Teachers doing research Emma Salter, 25th November 2020

RE, big questions and knowledge Jo Pearce and Alexis Stones, 11th November 2020

Teaching controversial issues in the secondary RE classroom Abi Maguire, 28th October 2020

What do we know about teachers’ engagement with research in RE? Vivienne Baumfield, 14th October 2020