Black History Month Resources

Black History Month takes place every October in the UK.

The month presents an opportunity for RE teachers to raise awareness in their classrooms. Through excellent learning, pupils can explore and celebrate black history, as well as increase their knowledge and understanding of religion and worldviews, and racism and prejudice.

We have pulled together a number of of valuable resources below – including research papers, videos and podcasts – that can be used in the RE classroom and beyond.

Research of the month

Are you looking for summaries of high-quality academic research that are relevant to classroom practice? For ways to connect with Religion and Worldviews research? Our research of the month features aim to refresh and develop your professional knowledge.

In Conversation

Our ‘In Conversation’ events are virtual seminars bringing researchers and teachers together. In each session the researcher gives a very brief summary of a key piece of research and the host invites participants to ask questions, provide feedback and comment. The ongoing themes connect to a range of research topics of interest to all those working in the field of Religion and Worldviews.

• Justine Ball – An approach to decolonising teaching about Jesus in primary school
Justine links scholarship in Religious, Biblical and Theological Studies with decolonising the curriculum with a focus on the teaching of Jesus in primary schools, although there is much of value to Secondary teachers.

• Alex Brown – Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum
Alex Brown talks to Dr Kate Christopher on Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum.

Alex has written and spoken extensively around this theme – the following documents have been made available by her:

The RE Podcast

21st century Religious Education deals with some of the most topical, important, and interesting questions you can think of.
Through stories, statistics, religious teaching, and opinions, our friends at The RE Podcast deal with these questions in a simple way, but also in a way that will hopefully make you think.

Islam as a Worldview – Muhammad Ali

What does a worldviews approach look like in the classroom?

Dr Kate Christopher and Professor Lynn Revell have been exploring this question through a project called ‘Islam as a Worldview’. The project considers worldviews thinking through practical resources for the classroom, focusing on the teaching of Islam.

Through thinking practically, and with all ages of pupils in mind, the team present two working principles:

  • Worldviews starts with people
  • Pupils need to engage with different types of knowledge

These clear, simple principles form the basis of the teaching materials produced, which can be found here.