Theologies of reading

Jennifer Jenkins, RE Facilitator for Coventry and Warwick, presents Theologies of Reading, a wide-ranging set of information concerning the reading of sacred texts. Taken from research, faith-based reading and techniques of interpretation and contemplation, these presentations contain much rich understanding for the classroom.

How do you read with your pupils? How do you help them make sense of sacred texts? Are there multiple interpretations, and how to explore these?

These presentations will help you consider how meaning is made and the relationship of text to reader with guidance and practical tips to try in the classroom.

Available here:

Introduction: this introductory presentation brings the general thinking to you. A script is given in the ‘notes’ function to help you lead a group through the presentation.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam: three separate presentations focusing on reading and interpretation in these three traditions.

Published January 2020.

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