Face to Faith

Many users of RE:ONLINE may be interested in using Face to Faith, a fantastic resource provided by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Find out more about it here and visit: http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/projects/facetofaith


What is Face to Faith


Face to Faith is the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Global Schools programme, active in a wide range of schools in countries across the world.


Face to Faith:

– gives students the opportunity to interact directly with their peers from around the world to dialogue about the range of faiths and beliefs, values and attitudes that they hold. This occurs safely through facilitated videoconferences and a moderated online community.


supports teachers by providing a rich range of high quality, engaging and appropriate materials to help them prepare their students for dialogue.


– talks about culture and identity, but always emphasises Faith and Belief, because those two things can play a very positive role in our world, yet are almost always referred to in a negative way.


– emphasises Similarity and Difference – finding the ways in which we are similar to other people is often easy, but discovering the ways in which we are different gives us much more opportunity to learn.


– supports the development of key skills for global citizenship, including respectful dialogue, information technology, cooperation, conflict mediation, reflection, global awareness and faith literacy.


– is a set of flexible materials; designed to fit alongside, and enhance existing curriculum requirements.
What is Face to Faith
Read the following for more information on video conferencing:

Face to Faith and an Introduction to Video Conferencing

Curriculum Materials



Examples of Modules

Face to Faith have kindly provided the following example materials to illustrate the modules available to subscribers: